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The Meaden Method: Your Path to Recovery

This is our unique method of working with clients that has been developed by Chris over the past decade.

How the Meaden Method Works:

  1. Personalised Treatment Plans: We create a tailored plan just for you using different elements from the best techniques and therapies available today.
  2. Proven Expertise: With years of experience treating countless individuals, many referred by private GP's, Chris is a trusted expert in guiding you through this process for life changing results.
  3. Rapid Results: Many clients experience significant improvements in their emotional well-being after just one or a few sessions.
  4. Empowering Techniques: You'll gain powerful tools to manage and overcome what's been holding you back, and equipping yourself with the skills and a stronger mindset to deal with life going forwards.
  5. Flexible Approach: Whether you prefer in-person sessions or virtual consultations, The Meaden Method is adaptable to your unique situation.
  6. Safe & Supportive Environment: You will be given a secure and empathetic space. It's a place for both therapeutic support and your journey to emotional recovery.

The Meaden Method is a fast-track method that releases the emotions and attachments from distressing and traumatic memories whilst empowering the individual with a clearer mindset to focus on what really matters.  It cleverly and seamlessly intertwines elements of many of the best techniques out there today within a proven framework that is adapable to each and every client.

This method has the ability to make life changing breakthroughs in just one session, so the outdated style of therapy which requires regular weekly attendance for months, sometimes years, is truly holding people back from living their best lives.  

If only our NHS and other medical professionals would listen....... maybe, just maybe, more people could be helped.

Read the reviews from our clients who have experienced The Meaden Method and let their feedback give you the reassurance that this could just be what you need right now.

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