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Our Promise to You

Welcome to The Meaden Clinic. You've found a sanctuary where two hearts and minds work in unison to help you rediscover personal freedom. Our journey has shown us that the path to healing is often smoother when walked hand-in-hand.

Our Mission

Together, We're Redefining Transformation

Infused with collective years of experience and training, our collaborative approach combines the best elements of NLP, Hypnosis, The Havening Techniques®, Belief Coding® and Positive Psychology, aka 'The Meaden Method'. This harmonious blend combining neuroscience and trauma-informed learnings, has touched and transformed countless lives. Together, we've witnessed an inspiring 91% of our clients find their desired outcomes in merely one or two sessions.

Embracing Change, Together

The traditional notion of prolonged therapy is evolving. We empower you to overcome past traumas, distressing memories, and deep-seated fears in just a few focused sessions. Our combined expertise offers a compassionate touch at every step, always reminding you that you're not alone.

Our Shared Path Has Shaped Our Purpose

We're not just therapists; we're lifelong learners and partners on this journey. Our lived experiences and shared empathy are our guiding stars. Every technique, every insight is enriched by our combined perspectives, ensuring your well-being is always at the forefront.

Two Minds, One Goal: Your Well-being

Drawing from evidence based methods, extensive research, shared clinical experiences, and an innate passion to serve, we aim to unlock the reservoir of strength within you. Let us guide you, revealing the path to lasting positive change.

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We have extensive experience in helping men and women overcome the symptoms of Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD and so much more. You are not alone; help is available.