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Welcome To The Havening Techniques® At The Meaden Clinic

Unlocking Healing Through Neuroscience

A Revolutionary Approach to Trauma Recovery.

The Havening Techniques® harness the power of neuroscience to deactivate trauma within the limbic system, offering a profound release from trauma and fear-based disorder symptoms. This innovative system, rooted in the latest advancements in neuroscience, provides a gentle & safe pathway to rapid healing from conditions such as PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Addictions, Phobias and so much more.

The Evolution of Trauma Recovery

Traditional trauma treatments often rely on exposure and talk therapy, causing discomfort and repeated sessions for clients. The Havening Techniques® represent a paradigm shift, leveraging neuroscience to deactivate trauma in the limbic system. We can now say goodbye to the painful side effects of conventional treatments and embrace a new era of trauma recovery that's faster and more effective.

Who Can Benefit?

  • You and me
  • Military Veterans
  • Emergency Responders / First Aiders
  • Children
  • Health Care Workers
  • Athletes
  • Business Professionals 
  • Quite simply..........everyone!

How Your Brain Reacts To Trauma & Stress

Your brain's chemical reactions shape how you react to difficult experiences, whether you went through them personally, saw them happen, or heard about them. There are certain conditions that make these tough memories stick around and they will stay in place until we purposely turn them off with trauma treatment, such as Havening.  If trauma is encoded at an electrochemical level within the brain, then we need a methodology that has the power to change at an electrochemical level too. Havening simply uses a set of protocols which include 'The Havening Touch'; a series of stroking movements across the arms, palms and face.  By doing this, we are creating Delta waves which are key to targeting those trapped emotions and traumatic memories stored within the Amygdala.

We understand The Profound Impact Of Trauma

As experienced practitioners, we recognize the pervasive effects of untreated trauma on our clients' lives. From disrupted personal relationships and careers, to addictive behaviours, emotional outbursts and irrational fears, trauma seeps into every aspect. The Havening Techniques® is truly life changing.

Top 10 Questions on Havening Techniques®

What distinguishes Havening from EFT or TFT?

Havening is a biologically-based therapy, ensuring rapid outcomes with no tapping involved.

Do I need to discuss past traumas during the session?

No, Havening does not require discussing specific traumatic events.

Is online Havening as effective as in-person?

Yes, many clients find online sessions as impactful as face-to-face ones.

Are there any side effects?

Havening is non-invasive, but always discuss any concerns with your practitioner.

How many sessions will I need?

It varies; some clients may see results in one session, while others may need more.

Can children undergo Havening?

Yes, it's effective for both adults and children.

What should I do if I feel overwhelmed during a session?

Inform your practitioner immediately; they are trained to help you navigate intense emotions.

Can I practice Havening at home?

Yes, with guidance, you can use some techniques independently.

How do I find a certified practitioner?

Always check the official Havening website for certified practitioners and trainers.

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