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General Disclaimer
Before booking your appointment with Chris and/or Linzi Meaden, we invite you to read the following conditions, as booking your appointment confirms that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions as stated below. By continuing to use this site you are agreeing with the full terms of this disclaimer.

Chris and Linzi reserves the right to decline to coach or treat any client or individual. Each client is considered on an entirely individual basis.  The acceptance and continuation of coaching/therapy is entirely at the discretion of Chris and /or Linzi. If you are declined for treatment or continuing coaching/treatment by Chris or Linzi, you do not have the right to be given a reason.

Any individual who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances, will not be seen or treated.

Due to the nature of the conditions that we deal with, whilst we are confident that we can help all clients to achieve their goals, no guarantee can be given for the outcome of a client’s session(s), other than to suggest potential outcomes based on previous experience. We will work with the client to achieve the best result possible but any treatment relies on the client working with us to achieve these results.

Website Terms and Conditions
By using this site you hereby agree to be legally bound by these terms, which shall take effect immediately on your first use of the site. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following terms please leave the site immediately.

All content provided in this or in any other media supplied by Chris and/or  Linzi Meaden is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for medical advice. This includes but is by no means limited to our websites, downloads and documents.

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, NLP, DHE, Havening, Coaching and TFT is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have any doubt, contact your qualified medical professional or GP before commencing any treatment or if you have any questions related to your mental or physical health, physical fitness, or medical conditions. Do not stop or alter any treatment you are currently receiving without prior consent of your doctor or mental health advisor. Chris and Linzi Meaden are not employed in the provision or practice of any medical services or healthcare advice.

Chris and/or Linzi are not responsible for and will not be liable to you or anyone else for any action or decision taken as a result of relying on such information or advice contained in your session or on this website, or damage suffered by you as a result of you taking this action.

It is our intention to ensure that all content on this site is accurate and without errors at the time of insertion.  However, we do not guarantee or represent that the content of this site will always be accurate, up to date or complete, or, that access to the site will be uninterrupted or free of inadvertent errors and omissions.

All material and content on Chris Meaden website and associated literature and materials is protected by copyright © and may not be copied, adapted, altered or distributed in any way without the written consent of Chris Meaden. We reserve the right to amend, alter or change content at any time.

Audio/Video Equipment and General Disclaimer
During your session(s) with Chris Meaden and/or Linzi Meaden, video, audio, or other mechanical recording equipment is not allowed and your mobile phone must be switched off or on silent.

The coaching you receive from Chris Meaden and/or Linzi Meaden is/are for your own personal use only.  Any paperwork, documents or materials you receive from Chris or Linzi are copyrighted and are for your own personal use and cannot be copied, altered, adapted or distributed in any way.

If you publically report any correspondence or any of the content of your session(s) with Chris and/or Linzi Meaden through any forms of media either now or at anytime in the future, you agree to recompense Chris and/or Linzi Meaden a minimum of £2,500 standard reporting fee per report given and you agree to cover any legal and administrative expense incurred by Chris and/or Linzi Meaden if recovery of these fees is required.  Chris and Linzi Meaden reserves all rights and remedies.

Chris and/or Linzi reserves the right to refuse to start or continue with the session without prejudice if you are found to be in breach of the above, without refund.

If you are invited to give a video or written testimonial and you accept, you are agreeing to giving us permission to use the video and/or written testimonial that you have provided on our website, associated sites, in the media or in documentation to help potential clients.  If you do not agree to this, please notify us by telephone or email within 48 hours of your session.

Missing, Cancelling or Rescheduling Appointments Policy
All appointments must be paid for either in full or 50% of the full amount when booking, either by bank transfer or card payment.  If a deposit of 50% has been agreed and paid to secure the appointment, the balance is due either at least 2 days’ prior to the appointment or by cash at the start of the appointment.  No exceptions.

If appointments are missed for whatever reason, clients are charged in full for the missed appointment. There are no exceptions; this is because costs have been incurred and our time and resources have been exclusively set aside for you prior to your appointment.

To cancel or reschedule an appointment, clients are required to give a minimum of 3 working days’ notice (eg, if you appointment is Thursday at 4pm and you need to reschedule or cancel, you must telephone and email to notify us no later than Monday at 4pm).  If clients cancel or reschedule an appointment within 3 working days’ but no later than 28 hours before the scheduled appointment, then you will be charged 50% of the full fee for the missed appointment.   Clients rebooking are then required to pay in full for the new rescheduled appointment.  If notice given is less than 28 hours before the appointment, then clients are charged in full for the missed appointment.

If you reschedule your appointment with at least 3 working days’ notice, there is no admin charge.  However, in the rare event of someone wasting our time in cancelling an appointment (where you have given at least 3 working days’ notice), we will charge a £50 admin fee.

In the event that client book a course of sessions in advance then all sessions must be paid for either in full or 50% of the full amount when booking. If a deposit of 50% or any other amount, is paid the remaining amount is due and payable in full even in the event that the client does not continue with the full course. Any payment in advance or deposit is non-refundable. Any unused sessions expire after three months from the previous session. In the rare event that Chris and/or Linzi need to cancel a clients appointment for any reason whatsoever, the client will be given as much notice as possible and Chris and/or Linzi cannot accept any costs or claims for inconvenience, travel or other related to the cancelled appointment.

Legal Costs
In any action involving the enforcement or interpretation of this Agreement, the prevailing party, whether Client or Psychosensory Therapies Ltd, shall be entitled to its reasonable legal fees and costs, including such fees and costs incurred in connection with any court action.
If Psychosensory Therapies Ltd enlists the services of a collection agency to collect any amounts due to it from the client under this Agreement; Client shall be responsible for and agrees to pay all such collection costs.


We take your privacy and client confidentiality seriously and will never pass on any of your personal details or content of your session(s) or telephone calls or emails or similar onto third parties, and we expect the client to reciprocate (excluding previously agreed written or recorded testimonials/case studies which become the property of Chris and Linzi Meaden).  For added assurance, see our Client Confidentiality page.


The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations

Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you (the consumer) offer to buy the service(s) we are providing when you make an appointment over the telephone or via email. A contract between us becomes binding when you receive confirmation of the booking (by email). As such, you have a right to cancel the service you have booked via email or telephone up to 14 working days from when the appointment is confirmed. Cancellation must be in writing and we will confirm receipt. However, for appointments booked less than 14 working days in advance, unless we agree otherwise in writing, you will not be able to cancel the appointment and our normal ‘missing, cancelling or rescheduling appointments’ policy applies (see above). All appointments made via email or by telephone will be confirmed by email. The provision of service begins 24 hours before the confirmed appointment time, where time and resources are reserved exclusively for you.

Refund Policy
We always work to the best of our ability and whilst all reasonable care and skill is taken when providing coaching/therapy/treatment, it would be unethical of Chris and/or Linzi  to guarantee the outcome of a client’s session(s), other than to suggest potential outcomes based on previous experience.  In the small percentage of people where the client believes that the coaching/therapy/treatment may be unsuccessful, there is no refund or part refund, as your investment is in our time to share with you our skills, knowledge, resources and experience so that you make the change(s) with our guidance.

Payment must be made in pound sterling (£).  Fees include VAT.

Nisroc Limited & Psychosensory Therapies Ltd are limited companies registered in England and Wales, registration number 02754063 & 06991090.

Psychosensory Therapies Ltd and Nisroc Limited registered offices are

124 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX.

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